Tone It Up Tour

Tone It Up Tour

It’s been two weeks since I attended the Tone It Up Tour in DC and I’m STILL reeling from the amazing experience ☺️ If you’ve followed me at all in the past few years, you know that I love my TIU community. In short, Tone It Up and the community that’s formed around these two amazing ladies, changed my life and continues to keep me inspired every day. Unfortunately, it’s not very common to bring so many people together and feel such love and support…this event was different. There were no cliques or mean girls, only camaraderie and inspiration. It’s a feeling I can barely describe and one I’ve only truly felt a few times in this type of large situation (the Tone It Up Retreat being another time!). There are still more stops on the tour – if you’ve been wavering, don’t. It’s incredible and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, fitness festival day!

I joined my Baltimore babe and accountability partner Kayleigh for the afternoon/evening of fitness fun in Washington DC and it was just that…FUN, right from the start! We live in Baltimore, so DC or Philly were both options but we wanted to go to the first one possible, so DC was our choice!

kayleigh + kate tone it up tour - katekatebear

Tone it up tour DC - katekatebear

When we arrived, we went to check out the venue and we were so pumped to find not only more TIU gals already there but some of our own Baltimore TIU team!

katekatebear + kayleightonesup - katekatebear

tone it up baltimore tiu tour - katekatebear
Once we signed in, we got our wrists bands and our rocking VIP gift bags – stuffed with AMAZING goodies from Tone It Up, Coola (one of my faves), perfume & more! Plus, how cute is this bag? I’m 100% loving it.

tone it up tour swag bag - katekatebear

Through the door and it was time to run into the space. We all rushed in, excited to score a spot for our yoga mats on the workout floor! Once we put out things down, it was straight to the braid bar. I’ve gotten my hair done before at events, and I was pumped to see the amazing local artists K&K had here in DC. They did not disappoint! Kayleigh and I rocked some braid ponytail fusion from Clarissa and beGlammed team.

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Next up, we visited some of the amazing sponsors. Core Water had a super fun photo booth and an amazing, inspirational message board to share with others on the tour. They’ve been supporting TIU for a long time and it’s been great! Health-Ade Kombucha had tastings and we tried a new flavor – Power Greens with spirulina, wheatgrass & yum – dang, loving it! Rebbl had some amazing elixirs to try – um, the tumeric lemon tart. SO. GOOD.  Krave Jerky gave us some awesome, protein-filled treats, including the delicious new basil citrus! There were also massages but we totally missed them…sigh. One day I’ll get some relax time. haha 




tone it up tour DC - katekatebear

First up was Core Power Yoga. We’ve recently gotten a few CPY locations in Baltimore and they’re great. They have fun flows and rocking strength work!

Second was with Jillian Michaels. Let me tell you…I basically ALMOST DIED from that workout.😳😳😳 Jillian rocked it. Seriously. Rolling burpee tuck jumps…oh man. I shiver just thinking about them now. No photos of this, sorry. Too busy dying. haha 

Finally, it was time for our girls! It’s always amazing to workout with friends, but working out with 700 friends?! SO AWESOME!

tone it up tour DC - katekatebear

As always, K&K didn’t disappoint! Sweat and dancing and fun and inspiration! SHARE LOVE INSPIRE SWEAT! Then, of course, we had a mega dance party! Clearly we ran up on stage…and JAMMED OUT! woo woooo

tone it up tour dance party - katekatebear
tone it up tour dance party - katekatebear

Next up, ROSE GARDEN BABY! The ladies & TIU team did an amazing job making a cozy, beautiful space for all of us to hang out! Had a wonderful time drinking, eating, chatting with some other amazing ladies in the community! And, of course, the ladies of the hour! LOVE seeing my ladies!

tone it up tour rose garden - katekatebear

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As their first-ever Bikini Series Winner back in 2011 (feels like FOREVER AGOOOOO), I got to hang with K&K for a rocking few days in Manhattan Beach. As you’d assume, it was incredible. The sun and sand and workouts and fun excursions – but mostly, for the kindness and truly genuine fun we had together. That’s what this TIU team is all about – fun fitness friendships. <3 When I first graduated college and moved out on my own, I didn’t know what to do, where I belonged, who I was even…I went out and met people but they were party friends. When I found Tone It Up, I met and made friends (and STAYED friends) with so many incredible people. True, genuine friendships. And don’t get me wrong, we’re not all workout buddies all the time. We go out to eat, we party, we go to concerts, we get married… (yes, I was just a bridesmaid in one of my TIU gal’s weddings – after she was in mine three years ago!) ☺️ So, in short, the community means a lot to me.

Thank you Kat and Karena. And to the entire TIU team. For the tour. For every day. You are amazing and inspiring and you continue to motivate me every day. Keep it up! Can’t wait to see what’s next!