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Four Maryland Trails to Enjoy This Beautiful Hiking Weather

Four Maryland Trails to Enjoy This Beautiful Hiking Weather

As the leaves begin to change and the weather cools, Baltimoreans are stepping outside to enjoy outdoor fitness without the dread of drowning in sweat. Fall is the perfect season to get outside—gorgeous weather, fewer bugs, stunning scenery. Plus, it’s at this time that we […]

Tips for Hiking with Dogs

Tips for Hiking with Dogs

With all the negative news that was surrounding us at every turn this weekend, it was hard to remain positive. I’m so saddened and disgusted by the hate on display in Charlottesville and throughout this country. We took the opportunity to bring some good news […]



We had a WONDERFUL trip to New York City this weekend! Very quick, but so fun! The entire trip was based around a show on Broadway called Lucky Guy. Now, we’re not traditionally “theater-goers” BUT when Tom Hanks is in a show, you go! WE LOVE YOU, HANX! 

We got up before dawn to make an early train and headed up to the big city…I was obviously more awake than Tom. 

katekatebear thefrontrowe

We got up so early that we saw an amazing sunrise on our way. Beautiful.

maryland sunrise

We obviously arrived WAY before checkin time at our hotel, Kimpton’s 70 Park Avenue, but they were so nice and took our bags to hold while we walked around the city.

We started with breakfast at this place called Murray Hill Diner – aka we walked around for about a half hour before finding a nearby place. They had good Yelp reviews and they could make anything with egg whites so I was set! Next we did a little shopping (Bless Tom for walking around with me). We went to a few including two AMAZING stops: Marimekko & Kate Spade! <3 You all know I love my Kate Spade gumdrop studs (and the packaging) – well they had a beautiful color of the gumdrops at the store I just couldn’t say no to! SCORE!

Next, because he put up with my shopping, it was on to support Tom’s shopping adventure at Midtown Comics! He was in heaven. We also stopped at Toys-R-Us right in Times Square. Um…did you know they have a giant ferris wheel IN the store?! And a giant dinosaur? And a Barbie mansion? ALSO, walking through the square area, we saw Captain America! Probably just taking a break from saving the world or something…I also grabbed a few $5 pashmina scarves (black, navy and salmon). I LOVE those! Always pick a few up when I’m there haha

After a quick Jamba Juice (seriously, I’m obsessed with Jamba Juice…I have been since they basically provided every breakfast for me in college haha), we headed back to the hotel to rest up and get fancy for our night out on the town!

jamba juice katekatebear

The hotel was lovely but unfortunately there were some issues. Our room wasn’t ready for another hour when we got there, then the shower was quite disappointing. After a long day walking around, I was really looking forward to it but the water pressure was nil and it just wasn’t good. They definitely had beautiful decor though! I loved the beautiful snowflake-looking wall pieces!

snowflake sculpture kimpton

Anyway, then it was time for dinner, which we enjoyed at Fig & Olive. I had a delicious pasta dish with shrimp, mushrooms and a truffle oil. YUM!

pasta fig & olive NY

We stopped for a quick cocktail then headed right to the show at the Broadhurst Theater! Look at that big Hanx face…don’t you love it?! When they’re done with that billboard, do you think they’d let us have it?

lucky guy broadhurst theatre

The show was amazing. So basically, Lucky Guy is the story of Mike McAlary, a New York City reporter who worked his way up from covering the boroughs to being a lead crime reporter in the city in the 1980’s-90’s. Besides our beloved Hanx, the show had a really good cast of actors you know but may not know their names off the top of your head. Maura Tierney (you know from ER), Christopher McDonald (Shooter Mcgavin), Peter Scolari (also ER…and Honey I Shrunk the Kids), etc. They were all stellar. There was laughing, cursing, crying and more. It was my first Broadway show in NYC and I really enjoyed it! If you are a play-goer or not, check it out if you can make a show!

katekatebear thefrontrowe luckyguyplay

Alas, we had to leave earlier than I thought the next morning, which foiled my plans to run to Central Park (next time!), but I did get in one last Jamba Juice! 🙂 We hopped on the train and watched Dark Knight Rises on the way home.

ipad reflection thefrontrowe

Tom Hanks, $5 pashminas, comics, delicious dinner & more. What else could you ask for? All in all a quick, fun weekend adventure!