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Mindbody BOLD Conference

Mindbody BOLD Conference

Michelle Obama. Billie Jean King. Learning. Inspiration. Fitness.   These are all people and things I got to experience taking part in the recent Mindbody BOLD Conference in San Diego! I joined my BeachFit Baltimore bestie and partner out in the sunshine state for a few days […]

Two Years Cancer Free

Two Years Cancer Free

Today marks two years since I had the surgery to remove a cancerous blob from my body. This stupid blob, who was ultimately the size of a small cantaloupe, had troubled my life for a while before it was actually properly diagnosed and handled. I […]

The secret power of early risers

The secret power of early risers

morning inspiration mug - katekatebearNot everyone is a morning person. But, for those of us that are, we understand the immense power that a good morning can have on your day, week…even your life.

Believe me, I get it. Work days are long, ‘adulting’ is exhausting, not to mention almost all of the amazing shows are on late at night (that’s what Netflix is for y’all!). Getting up earlier than necessary often feels like a chore.

But, I must say, mornings are my favorite time of day! The world is just waking up, the light is spreading across everything (depending on the forecast), noises are changing, plants are turning toward the sun – there’s almost a magic in the air!

If you can manage to get up early, there are some major benefits! Here are just a few of my favorites:


  • Start your day proactively vs reactively! Focus on the important things in your live vs the urgent things. When you’re in the thick of it, almost anything can feel like the be-all, end-all project. Take this time to step out of the weeds and address what’s truly a priority. This is, of course, assuming you’re not waking up to an overnight work fire!


  • Take time to prepare! In almost any sense, the way you start something usually sets the tone for how the entirety of it will go. You don’t start a recipe without checking the ingredients list. You don’t start a workout without stretching. Why would you start your day without prepping? Take this time to get ready to attack the day on your best footing!


  • Give yourself some momentum! Along the same lines as prepping, this is also your time to psych yourself up! You just enjoyed the reset we call sleep – use it to get yourself ready to thrive through the day. Early mornings are the perfect time to hone in on positive energy and forward thinking!


  • Enjoy the quiet! I love the mornings so much because there’s a little more quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hustle and bustle! But, sometimes it’s nice to just light a candle and have some peace. The dogs are still sleeping, there aren’t many cars on the road, the morning TV/radio aren’t blaring…it’s lovely.


  • Get some work done! Your conscious and subconscious mind, as well as your creative brain and energy levels, are in the optimal condition immediately following sleep, so early morning is actually the perfect time to rock out some work. Have you been looking for an extra few minutes to finish that proposal? To clean up the dog toys? Here’s your chance!


  • Reconnect with yourself! After a good night’s sleep, you’re brain and heart are both usually a bit more clear, giving you the opportunity to reflect on how you’re feeling. You can practice meditation, go for a run to clear your head, write in your journal, whatever it is – you can use this time for you!


  • Make a decent meal! Let’s face it, we’re always on the go, right? So why not take a moment to actually fix/get something that will be GOOD for your body?! Remember, food is the literal fuel your body runs on – you want it to be good!



10 quotes to help you get motivated!

10 quotes to help you get motivated!

Sometimes, you need a little push. You might be stuck in a rut, or you just need to start the day on a positive foot…whatever it is, sometimes you just need a little oomph. I try to keep a handful (or more) of motivational quotes […]

Love your life in 2015!

Love your life in 2015!

Happy New Year! Let’s take a moment…right now, we have a great opportunity to reflect and look forward! It’s a new chapter in your book – you know all the things coming will somehow build on what’s already happened but you also get to start fresh and […]

Boarding for Breast Cancer

Boarding for Breast Cancer

B4BC logo square | sunshine & the bearThere are so many incredible organizations out there and during this season of giving, I’ve been discovering more and more! Recently, I found the nonprofit Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) and they are so rad…

B4BC is a foundation that’s dedicated to providing education, prevention and support programs for young people and the action sports community at large. The organization was founded by women (including Olympic pro-boarders) who wanted to honor their young friend who passed from breast cancer – their goal was to make awareness a topic of conversation among young people because, in fact, young women and men are not immune from the disease. They rallied around their friend’s passions of snowboarding and music and they’ve evolved into hosting annual music festivals, boarding events and more!

Recently, B4BC started a new documentary project called Chasing Sunshine. Chasing Sunshine is dedicated to breast cancer survivors everywhere! This film documents the life of pro-athlete Megan Pischke Porcheron and her journey with breast cancer. There will be a few screenings of the film out west but if I find out any will be out our way, I’ll be sure to post! I love this quote from Megan herself – “…Let’s embark down this road together – our heads lifted, our hearts full and our eyes towards the horizon – chasing sunshine every step along the way.”

chasing sunshine | sunshine & the bear

I’ve always been an active person and, from a young age, I’ve played sports and been on teams. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up and getting girly, but there’s part of me that always will identify as a tomboy athlete. I had my moment with skateboarding in middle school (if any of my friends share any photos from those years, I will hurt you haha) but the boarding I really love is surfing. There’s something about being on that board and connecting with the waves. It’s awe inspiring. All while being a great workout! I was so happy to get back on a board at this summer’s TIU Retreat! It’s also one of the reasons I think I’m so drawn to Surfset – I try to get on the board even when I’m not near the water!

katekatebear surfing tone it up retreat

I was lucky enough to find this organization and win one of their outreach contests! I’m now rocking a one of a kind Elena Hight GoPro and a sweet Volcom Gortex jacket! The coat is perfect for our winter weather and has an awesome galaxy print on it – I feel like a pro while wearing it! A coworker actually asked me if I was hitting the mountains this weekend so…I feel like I can at least rock the look. haha

katekatebear volcom jacket | sunshine & the bear

B4BC gopro win | sunshine & the bear

I’m so pumped to rock these things and try to embody the B4BC passion and hope! Plus I’ve already started playing around with the GoPro…Isn’t Bruiser is the cutest?! haha

Bruiser GoPro photo | sunshine & the bear

During the holiday season, it’s exciting that people are looking to get involved to help out those in need. Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday and it’s a perfect day to check them out and support! But you don’t have to limit your giving to Tuesday – You can volunteer, donate or join one of their upcoming events! They have tons of awesome events coming up in 2015 too – including Shred the Love events at mountains nationwide!

Be sure to check out B4BC social – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more and follow the awesome hashtag #behealthygetactive! Also, check out the B4BC Blog too for tips, recipes, contests and more! And, of course, never stop chasing that sunshine ☀

stay golden | sunshine & the bear