Support BARCS & Your Local Animal Shelter

Support BARCS & Your Local Animal Shelter


Murphy and Mahoney - katekatebearOur sweet pup Mahoney came to us from BARCS, the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter, and our newest dog Murphy came to us from Last Chance Animal Rescue. And honestly, we don’t know where we’d be without them!

We’ve always been big supporters of our local rescues and shelters, and we’ve been trying to find others to support around the country/world!

Right now, BARCS is looking for donations of blankets and comforters to help keep the animals cozy and comfy at the shelter while they wait to find their new families. We’re lucky we found Mahoney and Murphy, and they’re lucky they have people who care about them and keep them warm and comfy! But not all dogs and cats are so lucky just yet! You can help these sweet babes waiting to find their forever homes with a simple donation of a blanket!

If you can, please help!! Keep sweet noses like theirs comfortable until they find their forever homes! If you’re not local and still want to donate things from afar, check out the BARCS Amazon Wishlist! If you don’t need to send things but still want to support, check out the BARCS and Last Chance Animal Rescue websites for more info on how you can donate!

Looking for a local shelter in your area to support (or to adopt from)?
Check out the PetFinder Shelter site to find the helpers near you

Murphy and Mahoney - katekatebear