Star Spangled Baltimore

Star Spangled Baltimore

It was an incredible weekend to be in Baltimore!! Our little Charm City hosted the Star Spangled Spectacular and there were tall ships, Blue Angels, fireworks and fun!

This event is celebrating the 200th anniversary of our Star Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key outside of Fort McHenry. If you’re interested in the history, you can check out more Star Spangled Banner history here OR for the cliff notes, you can just watch Drunk History-Baltimore haha.

Anyway, there has been nation-wide attention on our city and it’s rich history and it’s been great to be right in the middle of it. Think about it – everyone loves where they live (or else you probably wouldn’t have moved there…hopefully), but sometimes you get down on it and forget. It’s nice to have a moment like this to get re-energized and re-romanticized with our city.

Check out some of my photos from this weekend’s party here:

Loved riding around and seeing the different things happening around town!
(and yes, those are star spangled pants Tom is wearing…NOT pajamas. Courtesy of Betabrand haha) 

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