Poshmark obsession

Poshmark obsession

Who loves trade parties? (Where you get together with your girlfriends and trade clothes/etc.) It’s like shopping but without your wallet! WOO HOO! Anyway, I recently discovered Poshmark, which is similar (minus the free part) – it’s a simple app to buy and sell fashion items. Basically, you can set up your own shop and put things up for sale. Sounds like eBay, right? Well, with Poshmark, you can also trade or bundle or negotiate your items (if you want). It’s really fun and I’ve gotten some great scores!

katekatebear poshmark closet

When I first got on, I was a bit skeptical, but it’s actually been really awesome! I’ve gotten some rad scores off the app including a J Crew coat I’ve been looking for, some of my favorite Lululemon running tanks, a pair of Sperrys, some Jessica Simpson heels (to replace the ones my dog ate…) and more! All never or barely used…

katekatebear lululemon cool racerback

j crew coat

navy sperrys

Even this super cute Lilly Pulitzer dress! I’m such a sucker for halters and sweetheart necklines…it had me at hello. But ALSO, it had me at the price: $75! Score, right?

katekatebear poshmark lilly pulitzer

As if I wasn’t already a shopaholic…Poshmarking has become an easy way for me to look for the items I might have bought at full price somewhere else…at any time! It’s an app I’m constantly checking because someone’s always adding something fun! You can input all your sizing information adjust your settings to make sure you see whatever specifics you want OR everything. The other super cool thing too is that you can keep track of the items you like to see if the seller puts them up for sale or to watch and see if they’re sold. Easy way to keep track!

poshmark favorites

When you sign up, they give you the opportunity to share with people so you can both get a $5 credit too, which is super nice!

So here you go:

Download the Poshmark app and use code HOYRL to get started with $5.
And don’t forget to find and follow my closet (just search for katekatebear)!