Overcoming my fear of teaching

Overcoming my fear of teaching

There’s always a chance for butterflies…but we can overcome them. I’ve discovered this only after many years of working in media relations. No matter how well I know what I’m talking about or how comfortable I feel, there’s always a little flicker of nerves that hit me as the camera turns on and the reporter announces we’re “30 seconds out.” Typically, that feeling goes away as soon as I start my interview, but when I was excitedly offered a Surfset teaching position at Beachfit Baltimore, it just wouldn’t go away…

kate surfset certification | BMOREtonedI got my Surfset certification in late 2013 but when I returned to Baltimore with it, there was really no place for me to teach. I got a board at home so I could practice, but it was hard to keep it up. Fast forward to early this year, when Beachfit opened…I was so excited there was a new gym with Surfset! They had an initial call for teachers and I reached out, of course. I can remember the feeling I got as soon as I hit send on the email…I was immediately nervous. What if I didn’t remember the moves? What if I wasn’t good enough? I was full of self doubt. When I couldn’t make the tryouts, I was relieved. WHAT? I think about it now and I feel crazy. haha

Fast forward again to last month…the Beachfit team was looking for instructors again and I got back in touch. This time, I was determined to get over my fear and actually make it happen if I could. When we started talking, I was completely honest about where I was coming from – I knew I could do it, but I was scared. The team totally understood my fears and helped me through them. I paired up with another teacher, Eleni Polites, who had taught spin but was only recently certified in Surfset. We were both semi beginners, which was perfect! We pulled together what we learned from our cert instructions and worked to pull together a class…

AND I’m thrilled to say it finally happened…I taught my first class with Eleni last week and it was amazing! I was slow to start and definitely felt the butterflies but once we started going, it felt spectacular! I’m a natural student and I love to learn, but being able to pass on things that I’ve learned to others is an awesome feeling.

Beachfit Baltimore Surfset class | BMOREtoned

The Beachfit team is so incredibly supportive! Plus, I had Annie and another local Tone It Up sister Laura in the class! Annie has been going through an incredibly similar experience and it was great to have her there. It was fantastic to have all of them there. Feeding off of their smiles and positive energy kept me going!

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beachfit baltimore surf your way fit | sunshine & the bear

What I’ve discovered is that it’s human nature to doubt. It’s normal to get nervous. But we are brave. We can overcome our fears and show up. For me, it is the sense that sharing knowledge, health and fitness are more important than my own trepidation, so I power through! I got some tips from friends that really helped me through this...and will probably help me through a lot of life’s other fears…

  • Stop comparing yourself! You’re one of a kind
  • Smile and just keep going – no one really knows (or cares) if you mess up!
  • Get out of your own head and don’t overthink it! You did this for a reason and, if you get out of your own way, you can make that come true!
  • Don’t rush. Take a deep breath every time you need one and you’ll find the words you’re looking for!
  • Ask for and take all the support you’re given! Be true to yourself and

My class is at 6:30pm on Wednesday evenings at Beachfit! Hope you can join sometime to try it out!!


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