Hey y’all!

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve bee blogging for myself…that’s the funny thing about doing things for yourself. They often fall to the bottom of the list. BUT with all kinds of new adventures under way, I thought it was time to revamp and bring a Kate site back to life!

As you can see, I’ve changed it up from what was Sunshine & the Bear to just katekatebear…it’s what everyone knows me as, and it seems to not be going away, so I figured just run with it! (Plus, I just know the sunshine will always be intrinsically included)

I’m excited that this site will give me the opportunity to share some amazing things on my blog, connect with amazing companies through my brand ambassador page, share the cool work we’re doing with Good Vibes Consulting & more!

Check it out, explore & enjoy!

And don’t forget to connect with me everywhere else! Sticking with KKB makes it easy – just look for katekatebear on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr! PLUS, Follow my blog with Bloglovin!