National Dog Day

National Dog Day


Not sure how this came about or if it’s really an official day or what…but tons of people are posting about it so, I’m going to just go ahead with it. 🙂 

Our dog, Mahoney, is a rescue from BARCS and we’ve been blessed to have her silliness around us for the past few years. I can’t even remember these times when she was so small…

mahoney puppy

mahoney puppy dog

She’s had her good/adorable days…

Mahoney dog sleeping

mahoney dog starry eyed

katekatebear mahoney

And her frustrating moments…

dog destroyed toy mahoney

dog eaten sofa

dog shaming mahoney

But through it all, she’s been the bestest dogger ever! (and yes, those ears have always been insane haha)

katekatebear thefrontrowe mahoney

Do you have a dog? Share your story here! I’d love to see a pic! 🙂