Mindbody BOLD Conference

Mindbody BOLD Conference

Michelle Obama. Billie Jean King. Learning. Inspiration. Fitness.  

These are all people and things I got to experience taking part in the recent Mindbody BOLD Conference in San Diego! I joined my BeachFit Baltimore bestie and partner out in the sunshine state for a few days of inspiration and learning…here’s a quick recap of some of the fun things we experienced!

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After checkin, the conference kicked off with educational sessions focused on using video (it’s still the future of everything!) and women in leadership. The first evening was pretty quick, but already hinted that it would be an amazing few days! Jason Hsiao‘s presentation on video was encouraging – I’ve always been more of a photo/stills gal, but it’s been clear for a while now that video is the wave of the future consumption. He said by 2019 video will be 80% of internet traffic – DANG!

After a little learning, we jumped on Bird scooters (which are SO MUCH FUN by the way!) and traveled down to Puesto, a delicious and adorable restaurant! If you get a chance to dine with them, make sure you get the delicious Puesto Perfect Guacamole – it’s covered with chunks of parmesan cheese (aka PERFECT)!

The next day was THE BIG MORNING… It was the morning we were set to hear from the amazing former first lady Michelle Obama! ((insert mega excited crazy person gif))

Mindbody BOLD Conference Michelle Obama - katekatebear

The room was packed and the excitement was palpable. The Mindbody team kicked off the session with quotes, inspiration and a letter from an inspired 10 year old…that same 10 year old got up to read her letter to Mrs. Obama and then…introduced her! The former first lady came out to smiles and tears and had a big hug for the girl (talk about feels)!

Mindbody BOLD Conference Michelle Obama hug - katekatebear


Mindbody BOLD Conference Michelle Obama - katekatebearMichelle talked to Rick Stollmeyer, CEO of Mindbody, about a variety of topics, ranging from her childhood and incredible rise as a powerful woman, to her time in the White House, to her passion and emphasis on children’s/America’s health. It was great to hear more about Let’s Move and how she continues to champion for Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA)! Reminding us that “vegetables don’t have marketing budgets” and it’s an uphill battle where we, as consumers, have to make our voices heard!

She also talked a lot about the working world for women (which made up most of conference attendees), touching on an all-too-familiar sentiment of overworking to try to “do it all.” It spoke deeply to me and I think a lot of other attendees…

“It’s unfortunate that we beat up on ourselves. You have that feeling like you’re doing nothing. Like to do a good job, you have to go above and beyond. But it’s hard to go 112%…You can’t go 112% at work, at home, everywhere, so you’re always feeling guilty. My message is to give yourself a break. Reach out and ask for help. Rely on each other.”

She ended with positivity, grace and passion – again leaving us all in happy, grateful tears and smiles! She promised she is here “to keep this conversation going so health feels attainable to everyone.”

As if anyone had a chance of following that, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed to our next sessions! The afternoon focused on a few topics including customer advocacy, building a dream team, public relations, sales, inventory management and more. I was happy to join for the “dream team” talk with Ashley Selman of Thrive Studio Coaching. As a growing manager and leader of people, it’s always important to keep learning and growing, so you can help your team grow! She totally spoke my language – focusing on trust and consistency, getting back to your core values and vision with everything you do.

That night, we took a little drive around the harbor to a restaurant called Coasterra – it really wasn’t far, just felt far because of red lights. And the view was WORTH IT. The city looked lit up and amazing from this angle – a perfect spot to watch the sky fade from blue to pink, pink to purple and purple to black…


On the third day, we started the morning with some fitness – I jumped onto the mat for some mantra-focused yoga and Ali joined the Supa Dupa Fly dance class (which we ALL need to learn some sweet moves from)!

Following a little sweat, we walked through the Mindbody Experience Lounge and Expo Hall, meeting with various vendors and learning about interesting new features for our services at BeachFit (stay tuned for some exciting new things you’ll be able to enjoy as we get things up and running!). After that, we went into more sessions – today focused on corporate wellness, client referrals, marketing, data insights and more. I loved the presentation from Tara Clever of Territory Foods on referrals! Not only was she a hysterical fellow Sweetgreen-lover, but she was delivering some smart, poignant tips on how to understand and engage with your true fan base.

Following Tara’s amazing talk, we ate another healthy lunch then headed back into the big room for the second AMAZING keynote – Billie Jean King! She started (and ended) with so much energy it was hard to keep up! 🙂


Billie touched on her incredible journey, making sure we remembered that “if you don’t know your history, you can’t shape your future.” We can learn from our past without living in it and help grow ourselves and those around us! She also rattled off maybe five full minutes of inspirational quotes, sayings and tips, including her favorite recommendations for success…

Top list for people to have inner & outer success:
Relationships are everything
Never stop learning
Be a problem solver

Last but certainly not least, was a panel discussion from some of the top names in group fitness – Yogaworks, The Dailey Method, Orange Theory and Kaia Fit. Talking about a range of topics from foundation to scaling, it was interesting to hear the different perspectives from each of the panelists. One quote that stuck with me was “Our mission is changing lives, our vehicle is fitness” from Kaia Fit. I feel the absolute same about BeachFit – our goal is first and foremost to help our clients live their best lives, we just happen to do it through fun, beach-inspired fitness classes! 🙂


Bar KINDRED San Diego - katekatebear

On our final night, we ventured into the neighborhoods and went to a restaurant called Buona Forchetta. The unfortunate issue was that they didn’t take OpenTable reservations and when we arrived, there were about 15 people waiting in front of us! No worries, we put our name in and went to the adorable bar across the street – called KINDRED! This spot was cute and spunky, sweet and spicy all at the same time, totally my vibe! It felt both stylish rockabilly and metal punk all at the same time. The drinks were perfect and held us over just long enough to get some massive, delicious Italian food over at Buono Forchetta – #forchettaboutit 🙂

The following morning we had to leave and it was bittersweet. I’m not only a big fan of the west coast, but I’m also a huge fan of learning and trying new things. I’m thrilled to have met some new people, heard from some incredible icons, tried some new things! I’m excited to use all the new ideas and inspiration to bring BeachFit to even more people!