[Inspiration] Running throwback

[Inspiration] Running throwback

As I was running this morning and my legs were feeling heavy and my MapMyRun was telling me what mile I had just completed and I looked up at the rising sun…I had a thought. Remember when I couldn’t even run a mile?

It feels like so long ago and yet just yesterday. I’ve been an athlete all my life. From a young age I’ve been running around for sports but I’ve never really liked it per say…haha I played lacrosse in college and it not only kept me in shape but introduced me to some of the greatest ladies ever! BUT I still always hated our running drills and prep. I dreaded running “the loop” around campus. Flash forward to 2011 when I randomly found a workout posted by two adorable gals from Tone It Up. I’d been out of college for a few years now and had gotten out of shape. I definitely wasn’t running. Anyway, through Tone It Up and the TIU community, I started getting back into fitness. I hit the gym and even the streets…

I honestly NEVER believed my lacrosse buddies or friends or even my boyfriend at the time when they told me that it got easier…HOW? How could this get easier?! I hate it. My legs aren’t strong enough. I can barely catch my breath…and then, it hit me. Something changed. I decided to go for a run for my “30 minutes of cardio” Tone It Up workout and somewhere along the run, I just stopped hating it. I hit a stride and just kept going. When I got home I wasn’t dead. And I realized there really is a breaking point! (In a very realistic way, I’d say it was when I could run about 3 miles comfortably haha)

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This morning was just lovely…waterfront views, sweat and stress melting off, miles under my belt. I didn’t think twice about it all.

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I don’t recognize my own accomplishments enough (none of us do…) and in this throwback Thursday moment, I felt proud. Don’t get me wrong…I am NOT the fastest one on the pavement and I do NOT win races and I still do NOT love running. But I get up and go. And keep going. Even if I have to stop for a breather or water (or a picture of the sunset), I keep going. I still finish whenever I start and try to push myself to do my best every time I go…

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So get out there. You want to know why? Because you can. YOU GOT THIS! 🙂

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