Friday Favorites: 8.30

Friday Favorites: 8.30

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted some favorite things, so some of these might be old…sorry I’m not sorry. You’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

Kittens in boxes

As you may remember, my kitten loves boxes. Seriously, she’ll sit in them ALL DAY.

kitten in a box

Well apparently, it’s not just her…

Other awesome dancers

You may or may not know this (you probably know…), but I’m a pretty awesome dancer. Kristen Wiig and I went to the same school of dance in fact…

kristen wiig workout dance

Anyway, it’s always nice to see people who have fun dancing. Don’t take it so seriously! Have a great time! 🙂

Not only was it awesome to see photos from Katrina’s wedding (Tone It Up wedding) but it’s fantastic to see Karena’s robot dance moves. K&K consistently remind me how cool they are and how important it is to live a healthy LIFESTYLE – which include dancing fantastically haha

karena TIU wedding


Ok so who doesn’t love deals? BUT this week I found a great one – Groupon is hosting a deal for Sephora $5 for $10! I love good makeup, but it gets so pricey! Every little bit counts, right? 🙂



It’s about that time…can’t wait for football to officially start!!! Let’s get ready boys…stretch it out.

ravens gif

Documentation of me NOT falling in the water at FloYo

Look ma, I can do it!

katekatebear floyo SUP

But seriously, I was excited that I’m getting better not only at these yoga moves (I’m fairly new to yoga…) but to get better at them on the board! As you’ve seen, I totally love FloYo with Jessie – if anyone is interested, I’d love if you’d join me for a class!

floyo SUP

katekatebear floyo sup


Anyway, happy Friday everyone! Tommy & I are headed up to a wedding – can’t wait to wear my new dress (an awesome Poshmark purchase, actually woo woo)!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!