Four Seasons staycation

Four Seasons staycation

So as you may have seen, it’s been pretty crazy lately. We’ve both been working A LOT and really have had no time to rest. We both needed a little break! Somewhat recently, I actually won a stay at our local Four Seasons, Baltimore, so…I mean what better way to take a break, right?!

sleepy kitten

We often go to Wit & Widsom at Four Seasons for happy hour or dinner, but we’d never stayed at the actual hotel…so, as you can imagine, we were VERY excited! Once we arrived, we found out that they had actually upgraded us to a room facing the harbor with a little deck. Wow. As soon as we entered the room, we were on cloud nine…

four seasons baltimore

four seasons baltimore

Tom was immediately infatuated with one specific exciting thing in the bathroom…a TV in the mirror! haha

thefrontrowe four seasons baltimore bathroom tv

Check out this view! Hello, Baltimore!

katekatebear four seasons baltimore

We enjoyed the room a bit and ordered some delicious room service foods. We are suckers for cheese and charcuterie…and wine. 🙂

four seasons baltimore room service

Then we got dressed and headed down to our favorite, Wit & Wisdom! We enjoyed a delicious spread including menu and special table send items from the kitchen, including an amazing pickled strawberry and tuna salad, charred octopus, toasted coconut covered fish, and (my favorite) squid, seaweed, jalepenos, etc. on squid ink pasta with a sweet vermouth squid cream sauce…oh man. I hope they some day put that on the menu…

Chef Gerard actually came over to our table and chatted with us a bit about the foods they prepared that night. It’s always so interesting to me how professional chefs talk about their food. He said he made the send out items special and aquatic to match up with my National Aquarium profession! HA! I love it. Maybe we’ll have W&W the headline of our next Fresh Thoughts…hmm…*wheels turning*

And, of course, we enjoyed a few of our favorite drinks – the sticky wicket!

wit & wisdom sticky wicket

When we made it back to the room, we discovered a special little set up waiting for us! How sweet and amazing is that? This came from the team but especially from the amazing Justin, a friend we’ve made in the Four Seasons/Wit & Wisdom family. He wrote a little note that really meant a lot. 🙂

four seasons special snacks

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve heard me talk about it before…customer service is a big deal to me. Four Seasons, as you would assume (but I’m just here to confirm), not only has amazing quality products but also has amazing customer service. It’s just part of their product. Amazing. We enjoyed our lovely snacks & drinks with a beautiful view of the city…

baltimore at night

After a lovely night of sleeping without a dog trying to take up the whole bed or sleeping on top of me (WHAAAT? Who knew there was such a thing! haha), we headed to the spa! It was Tom’s first massage EVER! As you can imagine, the treatments were wonderful. Talk about him being spoiled from the get go…

katekatebear four seasons spa

Although check out time was at noon after our spa visit, the Four Seasons team let us know that we had access to the amenities for the rest of the day. Oh hey! You know that meant I had to try out their amazing pool!

yes napoleon dynamite

four seasons baltimore pool

Unfortunately, it was a bit overcast. BUT I got to enjoy some relaxing time with a view…

katekatebear four seasons pool

Don’t worry. I’ll be back, pool. And I’m bringing the gals. 🙂

It was a whirlwind. Quick and low key (and in our own city) but it was an amazing break for us. Thank you again to the amazing staff and team at Four Seasons. We truly enjoyed the evening and visit and hope to someday come back to stay again!

So this made me think about all the amazing places I’d like to visit…
Where’s the most amazing place you’ve stayed? What made it so fantastic?