Adding a Simple Green Roof to our Shed

Adding a Simple Green Roof to our Shed

Like many, we’ve been spending more time in and around our home to stay safe and keep others safe. During this time, I’ve had AMPLE TIME to stare at the things I don’t like about our house and want to update… one of those things is our back yard “garden.”

I put “garden” in quotes because we live in the city and there isn’t exactly a yard to plant – but, over time, I’ve acquired a menagerie of planters, pots, and shelves to build a small green oasis. ☺️

Next to my shelves of plants is a small shed we use to store our bikes, a kiddie pool for the dogs, wood from old projects, etc. This shed has sat here for YEARS and I’ve always thought it was missing something…but not sure what until I recently saw someone post an article about people picking up on the living roof trend… that’s it!

So, how does one create a green roof?
Let’s turn to the internet to find out…

I found this incredibly straightforward and easy video on YouTube by The Garden Ninja.  He walked through the basic materials needed as well as the steps in setting it up. We did mostly everything he did and I’m here to share the experience in case you’re interested!


Materials Needed:

Tools Needed:

  • Saw (if you need to cut wood frame)
  • Drill and screws
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun and staples


  1. First, measure out how big you’d like to make your frame. If you’re following the Garden Ninja’s tutorial, you’ll see he drilled his sides into his roof. If you’re like us and have a small roof where that’s not possible, just building a frame alone is fine!
  2. Measure your wood pieces and cut them appropriately to create your frame. Use strong screws to connect all your corners. If you’d like additional security as we did, you can also screw one or two corners into your shed’s roof. 
  3. Once your frame is set and up on your roof, you’ll work on the lining. Match one corner of the plastic and push down the inside corner of the wood. Lay the plastic at the corner of the roof and wood frame, lining up the top edge of the plastic about 1/4″ below the top of the wood (the soil will cover this once you add it).
  4. Staple the plastic to the inside of the wood frame along the edge – high enough to hold up the sides but low enough that it will be covered by dirt. Cut excess plastic.
  5. Lay weed blocker sheet down over the plastic. Staple to each end if you need to.
  6. Add soil bag by bag. For our small shed box, we added approximately 3 1/2 bags.
  7. Once you spread the soil around, pack it down – we used an extra board cut from the frame and it worked perfectly.
  8. Then…you do you! Pack in some seeds. Lay down some greens. Whatever works! We used short boards, so we’re planting ground-covering sedum and succulents, and wildflowers! 🌸

Hope this helps someone out there create a cool space!!
Happy gardening everyone! 

Building a simple green roof - katekatebear


Building a simple green roof - katekatebear