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Tie your shoes, pack a good lunch & remember
that we’re all in this together.¬†ūüĖ§

kate rowe pineapple by j bryan barnes - katekatebearHi, I’m Kate! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet!
Here’s a little bit about me…

As an adopted daughter of Baltimore, I do my best to uphold the values that embody our aptly-named Charm City. I bring a positive attitude and ruthless enthusiasm to everything I do, making sure to hustle hard and stay kind throughout the process. As an entrepreneur and fitness instructor, these values are even more important to me – making sure I give my best to make this world a better place and help others do the same. Through Good Vibes Consulting, I work to shine a light on the amazing stories our clients have to offer. Teaching at BeachFit gives me an opportunity to pass on the inspiration and support I’ve received from so many in the fitness industry. I believe, big or small, we all have a part in making this world better. I’m over here doing my thing and I love when people join the fun – if it sounds cool to you, let’s connect!

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And if you want a little bit more…¬†

I’ve always been an athlete. In my hometown, kids¬†were born wearing a uniform and, as soon as you could walk, you were playing a sport. Being a¬†Northeasterner, I fell in love with lacrosse at an early age and I went on to become president of the women’s club team at University of Miami (Go Canes!). After graduating, and leaving the country that is Miami, Florida, I found myself moving to a little harbor town called Baltimore and I’ve been in love with the city ever since. I dabbled in hitting the gym in my new apartment building but it just wasn’t the same as two-a-day lacrosse practices.

Then, I found Tone It Up and my life changed forever. Through the amazing support and love from the TIU team, I lost approximately 15lbs, gained more self confidence and I feel healthier than ever. I’ve made some amazing, inspirational close friends along the way, too! I, along with two beautiful people¬†from my local group of healthy minded women, started BMOREtoned. While we don’t post as much as we used to (life has a funny habit of getting in the way), we still maintain the blog and group as a resource for lifestyle-minded people in our area.¬†As a Tone It Up Ambassador, I work to share inspiration and insight with the TIU team and those just looking to find out more about living a healthy, happy life!

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I recently left my full time position leading the media team at the¬†National Aquarium¬†to start my own business (AHH!). While I will always love the Aquarium, it was just time to spread my entrepreneurial wings. In January 2017, Good Vibes Consulting was born! I’ve partnered with an amazingly talented, amazingly fun best friend and we’re setting out to provide communications and marketing services (and of course good vibes) to the wonderful businesses in our region. Interested in more? Check out the Good Vibes Consulting link at the top of the site!¬†

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I also teach full time at BeachFit Baltimore, an amazing fitness studio right here in town! I teach Surfset and TRX. For those who don’t know what Surfset it, it’s a fun, innovative workout that uses instability to help accelerate your workout. You can also use it to mimic surfing, which is awesome! TRX uses your body weight and strap angles to build long and lean muscles. The studio also offers cycle, beach camp and combo classes. It’s an amazing place with an incredible community – definitely a must-stop if you’re in town!

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As if all that isn’t enough, I also work hard for a handful of companies as a brand ambassador, online influencer or guest speaker. I work hard to find brands that echo my values and connect them with my online community. From fitness apparel to new technology, local farms to hometown restaurants, I strive to feature amazing things that will bring positivity to my audience. If you’re interested in working together, check out my Brand Ambassador link at the top of the page or contact me directly!
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All in all, you could say my days are pretty packed. Morning strategy planning. Midday dog walks. Afternoon photoshoots. Evening classes. Nighttime events and/or dog time (but really, our dogs are cute). Needless to say, it’s an ADVENTURE.¬†Hope you enjoy my posts!

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Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn! If you have questions about working together on a project or just want to say hello, feel free to fill out my contact form!