Baltimore Relay Training + Wearable Testing

Baltimore Relay Training + Wearable Testing

baltimore running festival logoIT’S RACE WEEK! I’m running this year’s Baltimore Run Festival Team Relay and I’m getting pumped (ok, maybe also a little nervous haha)! I’ve run the Baltimore Half Marathon a few times but never the relay! I’m excited to be running with my TIU gal & fellow BeachFit instructor Kayleigh (yes, the same one who went to the TIU Tour with me)! It’s been a fun training for a different length of run. Whenever I ran half marathons before, I was always struggling by the 10 mile marker. With the relay, we each have between 5-7 miles to run. Still tough, but much more achievable! This made training a little easier, especially with busy schedules for work and teaching!

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To get ready for the race, we teamed up with Verizon to test out some wearables for training! DYK Verizon has tons of accessories?! And not just batteries, cases and chargers. They work with great brands like FitBit, Garmin & Bose to provide trackers and headphones!

Over the past few weeks, I tried out a few different items, working to figure out what size and capabilities I was really looking for (and what I ultimately really needed). I used each for everyday wear, tested while running and used while doing other fitness things.

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If you’re looking basic steps: you’re great with the FitBit Flex 2!
When the FitBit first came out, I tried the Flex and it was great for steps and goals. The Flex 2 is also great for that PLUS it’s much cuter than the original. The shape is muted enough that it really looks like just another bracelet in your stack. It does most things your step-counter wearables do, mostly focusing on you step goal. You have the lights to let you know when you’ve hit a new milestone during the day and you can use the helpful app to review your other stats.

If you’re looking to measure your run miles: try the Moto 360 Sport!
I loved the shape and feel of the Moto! It has a round face and a comfortable band, making it feel instantaneously like any watch I’ve worn before. The digital face gives you the opportunity to change the look/feel and there are multiple bands to purchase to make it personalized to you too! With heart rate sensor and GPS, the tracker measures your indoor/outdoor runs and gives you stats following your distance, mileage breakdown and pace breakdown. The Moto is also great because it can connect to your smartphone – you can get text and phone call alerts and more! NOTE: I have an iPhone, which is compatible with the Moto, BUT I have a feeling there is more functionality with this one when you have a similarly made phone. 

If you’re looking for ALL THE THINGS: the FitBit Blaze is for you!
The Blaze has TONS of capabilities. It not only counts your steps, monitors your sleep, tracks your heart rate and monitors your runs, it also lets you control your music, provides smartphone notifications, gives your reminders to move every hour and more. You can connect with other users, just like with the Flex 2, to compete for badges and steps counts as well. Plus, with enhanced recording of your runs (plus other workouts!), the app can then provide you with enhanced results and analytics. You can see where your peak heart rate is and when/where you burned the most calories during your workout. There are, of course, tons of band options for the Blaze as well, making it a little easier to transition from day to night.

So, all in all, there’s some amazing wearable trackers out there – definitely something for everyone, no matter what your fitness level is!

Can’t wait to run this weekend in the Run Festival! Stay tuned to my Instagram to check out all the behind the scenes from the run! 

NOTE: This post was in partnership with Verizon but all opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that keep this blog going!