Baltimore Print Studio

Baltimore Print Studio

This weekend, we spent an amazing day at a class hosted by the good people of the Baltimore Print Studios!

I took print classes in college but it’s a pretty intense process with some big pieces needed, so it had kind of fallen off my radar. Then, Tom found this awesome gem right here in town!

baltimore print studios

The studio hosts workshops every month, which are great for beginners to those who just need to run through the motions again. Kind of like riding a bike, but with film emulsion and screens.

At the workshop we went to, they had all the materials for you and walked you through the entire process, showing you the steps then letting you do it yourself!

thefrontrowe baltimore print studio

dodo screen print

flamingo screen print

One of the best parts was that the owners had a dog that hung out around the studio! She (Eleanor) walked around a little when we first arrived, then just kind of hung out. I wish Mahoney would do that. Let her hear a hose (to clean off the screens) and she would never calm down! haha

baltimore print studio dog

We printed a few different things – some single color, some double, some blended. It was brilliant.

Seriously, it was such a great time! It’s amazing how much you forget that you like something when you aren’t able to do it for so long. They do hourly rentals, so Tom and I are going to plan some project and go print stuff! Anyone want to join??