A Walk Among the Sunflowers

A Walk Among the Sunflowers

What a weekend…

I was SO excited that we had some time to head up to a sunflower farm in our area! It was incredible to see the acres and acres of gorgeous yellow…

katekatebear sunflower field

We went up with some friends AND our dogs and had a grand ol’ time taking photos!

At one point, I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude…and I had to stop and do some yoga poses. I’m a big dork, I know. But I had to share. There’s something about seeing fields and fields of these beautiful things, small bees buzzing around you, people and families taking photos all around…It made my problems and fears feel so minuscule in comparison. We’re all part of this big, beautiful place TOGETHER. It was nice to take a moment and get some perspective. 🙂

That’s part of why I wear my Tiny Devotions mala beads all the time – to constantly remind myself of the positive energy around (and inside) me. I rock the surfer beads so I feel close to the ocean no matter where I am – so this weekend I had the best of both land and sea…a positive ocean of sunflowers!

katekatebear tiny devotions sunflower field

Where have you gotten lost lately? 

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